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Feel free to contact us for any query on Software update, Tech News, Missing download links, or just to say hello via the contact form below, we will be much obliged to have a conversation with you!.

If you need to contact Tecno directly, T-fans Carlcare online Engineers from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt are now ready to reply to all your queries, But you will need to post your queries properly for them to reply to you in time, otherwise you may not be attended at all. Here is what to do;
 1. Register on TECNO SPOT
 2. Post your queries on feedback section.
 3. Select your country, e.g if you're from Ghana select Ghana from the list and not "All"

Any query posted using the above format will be attended on time. And all queries not posted like so won't be attended.

If you have any question on how to do this or any difficulties, use the contact form below and will be glad to guide you through.
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