4G LTE Tecno Phones - 4G Networks in Nigeria

Tecno 4G LTE Phones: Currently, 3 major networks have the 4G LTE service in Nigeria and they are MTN, Glo and Etisalat. Other networks in Nigeria with 4G LTE services are Spectranet, ntel, Swift and Smile. We are expecting Airtel to roll out their 4G services soon. Most of the 4G smartphones in Nigeria use band 3, 4, 7, 20 or 28. Check out what band your preferred network has below:

 4G NETWORK IN NIGERIA , Tecno Phones that Supports 4G LTE, 4G LTE Tecno Phones: 4G Networks in Nigeria

MTN 4G LTE , supports band 20 (800MHz) and Band 7 (2600MHz)
Glo 4G LTE, supports band 28 (700MHz)
Etisalat 4G LTE, supports band 3 (1800MHz)
NTEL 4G LTE, supports band 8 (900MHz) and Band 3 (1800MHz)
SPECTRANET and SWIFT, supports band 40 (2300mhz)
SMILE, supports band 20 (800mhz)

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List Of Tecno phones with 4G LTE network and their Band Frequencies

A Selected number of Tecno phones surpport 4G LTE at the moment you may click on the phones for full reviews and specs, see below

1.Tecno Camon C5           : Band 3/7/20
2.Tecno Boom J8              : Band 3/7/20
3.Tecno Camon C9           : Band 3/7/20
3.Tecno Camon C9 Pro    : Band 3/7/20
4.Tecno Phantom 6           : Band 3/7/20
5.Tecno Phantom 6+         : Band 3/7/20
6.Tecno W3  LTE              : Band 3/7/20
7.Tecno W5                       : Band 3/7/20
8.Tecno W1                       : Band 3/7/20
9.Tecno Camon CX           : Band 3/7/20
10. Tecno Camon CX Air  : Band 3/7/20


1. DroiPad 8D (8II)          : 4G FDD-LTE 2100 / 1800 / 2600 / 800
2. DroiPad 10 Pro II         : 4G FDD-LTE 2100 / 1800 / 2600 / 800
3. Tecno WinPad 2           :4G FDD-LTE 2100 / 1800 / 2600 / 800


1. PhonePad 7E                          : 4G FDD-LTE 2100 / 1800 / 2600 / 800
2. Tecno PhonePad 3 (2017)    : 4G LTE

How to Check Your 4G LTE Network Band Via Mtk Engineering

1.Download MTK Engineering Mode from Google Play store or search for it on Google
2.Install the app
3.Tap MTK Settings
4.Tap BandMode
5. Select your SIM
You will see a list of band mode, from GSM to LTE,
If you cannot tick the band 28 check box, then forget about using Glo 4G LTE service.
If you cannot tick the band 3 check box, then forget about using Etisalat 4G LTE service.
If you are not able tick band 20 or 7 check box, your phone is not supported for MTN 4G LTE service. If you use Ntel and you can’t tick band 8 or band 3, then your smartphone has no support for Ntel network.

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From this above, it is pretty obvious that your Tecno 4g phone supports GLO, ETISALAT, MTN, NTEL, and SMILE network. For Glo, and mtn you will need to visit any of their care center closest to you for a sim upgrade, but for Etisalat d upgrade has been confirmed in most areas in LAGOS Port HAR COURT AND Abuja and other cities should be next..... So guys what are you waiting for, go get a Tecno phone having a 4g network and enjoy the browsing speed of light... Cheers

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