How to capture amazing pictures with the Tecno camon C9


Since the Camon Series is aimed at providing unmatched camera experience, I thought it would only be fair if I shared tips which can make you a better photographer and enable you to take beautiful high quality photos.
today I would like to talk about the Autofocus on the camon C9

in my earlier post i stated that the camon C9 has a 0.1 high speed Auto focus which identifies the closest object on its vicinity .however, manual focus/ touch to focus is very useful and can produce great photos

To apply manual focus you simply touch the subject on the screen/viewfinder as shown below.

note how the fruit has been precisely focused and the background blurred

 How to capture amazing pictures with the Tecno camon C9

Here are five Instances when Manual focus/Touch to focus is better than the Autofocus.

1.Macro photography

Macro photography refers to extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects when taking close up pictures its advisable to use the touch to focus this enables you to focus on the part that you want and it can also blur the background

Here is an example of a macro shot Notice how the camera focused on the red leaf and blurred the background
Shooting images with the tecno camon c9

2.shooting through a wire mesh

when shooting through a wire mesh its very difficult to get a clear shot since the wire will obstruct the object but when you use Touch to focus the wire is blurred and now focus shifts to the object.
this comes in handy when taking photos of animals in an orphanage

3. Low-light

In order to achieve sharp high quality photos in a dimly lit environment you have to use manual focus since it becomes difficult for camera lenses to focus on a dark environment

4.Motion photography

they are also known as Action photography this is where the object you want to capture is not in a static position but rather its moving or in motion for instance when you want to capture a high speed moving safari rally car touch to focus would produce a more accurate and precise photo.

5. portraits

A portrait is simply a photograph which the face and its expression is predominant,
when shooting portraits focus needs to precise and there is no better way of achieving this than using "touch to focus"

More sample photos taken by Touch to Focus

Note how focus was shifted from the face to the hands

Tecno camo c9 camera tutorial

camon c9 camera tutorial

camon c9 camera tutorial

part two coming soon keep visiting !

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