Enjoy Olympics with the HIOS Olympics theme

 HIOS Olympics theme

Olympics is the leading international sporting event in the world with thousands of athletes participating from over 200 countries.

[The olympics games started some days ago and Tecno has released 3 new olympic themes, which users with a Tecno device with the HIOS can Use.

personally I love the trend TECNO is taking, making good,fun and easy to use interface for their devices. before their devices were full of bloatware but now the narrative is changing.

here are the screenshots of the hios Olympic themes.

 HIOS Olympics theme  HIOS Olympics theme

ENJOY RIO 2016 with HIOS !!

 HIOS Olympics theme

The English premier league is starting this weekend and I hope Tecno is considering adding themes for the EPL too since the English premier league attracts a very large fan base in kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania.

Do you want EPL themes or not? Use the comment box below to air your views ...Enjoy the Olympics.

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